Ronkonkoma Fire District Urges Residents: Be Careful

Residents urged to be careful shoveling, avoid downed wires and shovel out fire hydrants.

The Ronkonkoma Fire Department is urging its residents to be careful of the dangerous conditions created by the blizzard's strong winds and heavy snowfall. 

"Winter storms are considered deceptive killers because most deaths are indirectly related to the storm. Everyone is potentially at risk, however the actual threat to you depends on your specific situation," reads the fire district's notice to the community.

The fire district warned residents to be careful of these potentially deadly situations: 

  • Avoid over-exertion when shoveling heavy snow, pushing a car or walking through deep snow. The strain may cause a heart attack.
  • Strong winds and ice can knock down trees, utility poles and power lines. Downed power lines should treated as live and dangerous.
  • Don't forget to shovel out fire hydrants, "it can save your life."

Residents should report downed wires to both the fire department and LIPA immediately.  


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