Single on Valentine's Day:So Many Reasons to Celebrate

Why being single on Valentine's Day can be a blessing in disguise.

        Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the whole “Hallmark card and everything is coming up roses, candy hearts, and chocolate kisses-thing” leaves many single people feeling down and out, wondering why Cupid’s arrow has missed them again.

            But did you know that February 14th has been dubbed “Singles’ Awareness day?”  Instead of feeling depressed and miserable, try seeing the silver-lining in flying solo this year.

  • Be grateful that you’re not among the more than 50 percent of the adult population who feels they’re stuck in an unhappy relationship. A recent British study showed that a whopping 59 percent of wives would leave their husbands immediately if they could afford to, and 51 percent of the male population claimed to be unhappy as well.  Use this day to remind yourself how awful it felt to be in that stifling place! (And breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have to pick out a card for someone that you have --at best -- mixed feelings for.)
  • Not all love is created equal.  Instead of crying and complaining, congratulate yourself for having the courage to go it alone rather than settling for “toxic love” or “the old ball and chain thing.”
  • Be happy that you’re free to choose a “higher love,” one that is healing and healthy.
  • Use this precious alone time to know yourself better, heal yourself, and formulate your own thoughts on love and the kind of person and relationship you’re looking for. 
  • Take some time to write down 14 things you can do over the coming year to bring love into your life.  These actions will work in conjunction with the Laws of Attraction to ensure that on next February’s High Holy Day of love, you’ll be celebrating in style with your newfound Soul Mate.  For instance: Start telling everyone you know that you’re seriously looking for a relationship.  Many of the people you come into contact with on an everyday basis have no idea that you’re not in a relationship, or they may think that you’re not interested in being in one.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that one of these people may actually know the perfect single someone to introduce you to.  Then there’s always the new millennium way to find a mate -- sign up for an online dating service, and use it!
  • Be grateful that you’re not one of those kinds of people who are so afraid to be alone that they’ll cling to anyone who still has a pulse.
  • True love means loving another with your entire heart, soul, mind, and body.  Be thankful that when this kind of love is offered to you (and feel confident that it will come your way), that you are free to accept and enjoy it.
  • If you’ve been telling yourself that you don’t need or want a relationship, then use these feelings of sadness as a wake-up call.  Acknowledge the fact that, yes, you have a good life now, but love is something that you are missing.  Have fun in your love search in the coming year.


Cindi Sansone-Braff is the author of the spiritual, relationship book, Grant Me a Higher Love.  Visit her website at: www.grantmeahigherlove.com.

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Lynn February 07, 2013 at 03:17 PM


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