Strikeforce Sports Brings Simulated Combat to Commack Road

Air soft arena emphasizes fun for kids and future law enforcement and military personnel.

The gear and guns look real. The action is lightning-quick, and patterned after the tactics of law enforcement, special forces and other authorities.

It is CQB, also known as Close Quarters Battle -- a ‘short-duration, high-intensity conflict, characterized by sudden violence at close range,’ by definition, and it has made its way to Deer Park, where Strikeforce Sports has been operating a 16,000- square-foot indoor ‘air soft’ arena about a year.

Located at 450 B Commack Road, Strikeforce Sports -- the brainchild of proprietory Paul Fetkowitz -- is drawing youngsters as well as adults in the field of law enforcement and military backgrounds.

Essentially, the establishment is an indoor military simulation facility where young kids who might otherwise be playing computer games at home like Call Of Duty can play face to face with a team of other players.

It’s an opportunity to run around and get some exercise in military clothing, carrying realistic tactical gear that shoot soft pellets, according to Fetkowitz -- who says the idea for the facility came from his own son. “Nowadays for the typical kid, there’s no place to go if you’re not playing sports,” he says. “So there’s definitely a social aspect to Strikeforce Sports -- it’s a place to meet.”

In this case, it’s in a more upscale location than warehouse districts, where one typically finds combat simulation facilities. “We’ve brought it to the main road, with comfortable facilities,” says Fetkowitz.

In addition to the 16,000-square-foot air conditioned field, which is redesigned periodically, Strikeforce Sports features a 6,000 sq ft training facility with dedicated classroom, a 32 camera CCTV system, fully stocked air soft pro shop and repair center, tactical gear shop, lounge area and private party room.

While 90 percent of the facility’s participants are boys ages 10 and older, Strikeforce Sports does have adult clientele. “Homeland Security trains with us,” says Fetkowitz. “And we’re working on a contract with the Department of Treasury.”

You can add to that police officers, veterans and active duty military -- all of whom Fetkowitz says provide positive role models for the kids.

“These kids are our future military, future law enforcement personnel,” he says. “Our goal is to get them from being alone in front of a computer screen to a place where they can work up a sweat, learn teamwork, and participate in a manner that holds them accountable as people.”

“This is face to face, it breaks the isolation.“

For more information visit http://www.strikeforcesports.net/

Mary Zampaglione August 30, 2012 at 03:58 PM
My 10 year old son loves going to Strikeforce. The facility is very well run and professional. My son participated in their cam this summer Nc really enjoyed himself.


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