Sachem Bites Nearby: Golden Tofu

Japanese and Chinese cuisine, featuring an extensive menu, welcoming ambiance and some of the best sushi around.

Golden Tofu, located at the intersection of Waverly Avenue and Portion Road in Farmingville, is a delightful sit-down restaurant featuring both Japanese and Chinese cuisine. The menu offers a variety of tasty dishes for diners to enjoy. The restaurant’s modest size and warm environment make it a great location for any type of dining experience, from casual lunch to a more refined dinner-date.

Décor: Inside Golden Tofu you’ll find a dining room capable of seating upwards of 16 parties of four, along with a sushi bar capable of seating four. Lightly-colored golden walls are accented by rich red and brown tones. The atmosphere of Golden Tofu is exciting without being overwhelming. Lunch patrons can enjoy a large LCD TV that hangs high above the dining area.

Drinks: A variety of basic sodas can be purchased for $1.50, and Golden Tofu also offers a robust alcoholic drink menu, including foreign and domestic beers, sake, and wines such as merlot, cabernet and chardonnay.

Appetizers: With almost 20 different options available on the appetizer menu, you’re sure to find something to start your meal off right. Simple vegetable spring rolls or egg rolls are $1.50 each, and fried wonton Hunan style is $3.95. Six tasty crab rangoon stuffed with cheese, crab meat and seasoning are $4.95, deep fried tofu with hot & spicy sauce is $2.95, and freshly prepared fried oyster is $6.95.

Golden Tofu also prepares hot, savory soups, including the standard Miso ($2.25 small, $4.50 large) and egg drop ($1.75 small, $3.50 large). Vegetable tofu soup ($2.25 small, $4.50 large) and the delicious velvet corn soup ($6.95 –serves two) are also available.

For salads, Golden Tofu offers some exciting choices, from the standard green salad ($3.50) with lettuce, tomato and cucumber covered in house ginger dressing, to spicy kani salad ($6.95) with shredded crab and cucumber with tobiko and a spicy mayo.

Entrees: With nearly a hundred different options available on the non-sushi section of the menu, diners can surely find something to tantalize their taste buds. You can order up house tofu in a variety of ways, from fried tofu with your choice of vegetable ($8.95) to General Tso’s Tofu ($9.95).

Keeping things on the vegetarian-side, Golden Tofu offers plenty of noodle-based and vegetable-only dishes, like pan fried noodles with sautéed vegetable ($8.50), chow mein served in any style ($5.95 small, $9.75 large), sautéed string beans with ginger sauce ($4.85 small, $7.95 large), or eggplant with garlic sauce ($4.95 small, $7.95 large).

With the veggies out of the way, meat-eaters can now rejoice. On the beef side of things, savory pepper steak ($6.95 small, $11.95 large), shredded beef with garlic sauce ($6.95 small, $11.95 large) and tender moo shu beef served with two scallion pancakes ($6.95 small, $11.95 large) are just a few of the options available at Golden Tofu.

For poultry, try out the delicious diced chicken with cashew nuts ($6.75 small, $11.25 large), pineapple chicken ($6.75 small, $11.25 large), or chicken with asparagus ($6.75 small, $11.25 large).

For pork, the twice cooked pork ($6.50 small, $10.75 large) is an excellent choice, as is sliced pork Hunan style ($6.50 small, $10.75 large).

For entrees pulled fresh from the sea, the Boa-San Ding ($7.50 small, $11.75 large) is an excellent option, with plentiful servings of chicken and shrimp, or try the scallops with garlic sauce ($8.50 small, $13.95 large).

Golden Tofu has a fantastic teriyaki menu, featuring a choice of chicken, salmon, New York strip steak, shrimp or deep fried tofu served with Japanese rice, tender steamed vegetables, salad, miso soup and Golden Tofu’s famous grilled teriyaki sauce.

For diners looking for a taste designed specifically for their palate, they can order up customized dishes, with a choice of up to four vegetable from a list of 12, then mixed with a meat of their choice and sautéed in one of four delicious house sauces.

But with all due respect to Golden Tofu’s many delicious cooked entrees, the real star of this menu is the sushi. Featuring a vast number of sushi options, from appetizers to sashimi a la carte to stunning signature rolls, Golden Tofu is the place to be for tasty neighborhood sushi.

Get your sushi-legs under you with one of the many sushi appetizer samplers, or grab a yellow tail jalapeno ($9.95), with fatty yellowtail, sliced jalapeno and jalapeno sauce.

For sushi and sashimi a la carte, there are over two dozen options all priced between $2.50 and $4.00 per piece, including white tuna, fluke, mackerel, flying fish roe, octopus, sweet shrimp and sea urchin.

For maki and hand rolls, you can start with the well-known California roll ($4.50) with avocado, cucumber and crabmeat, or move onto something a little more intense like the spicy crunchy roll (5.25) with your choice of crab, tuna, salmon or yellowtail. With over two dozen modestly-priced hand rolls, you’ll definitely find something to eat by itself, or pair up with one of the more serious signature rolls.

And speaking of signature rolls, Golden Tofu is rife with them, such as the Red Dragon Roll ($13.50) with spicy tuna, crunch and fresh tuna, the Love Roll ($13.50) with lobster, shrimp tempura, avocado, caviar and cream cheese wrapped with soy bean paste, and the Godzilla Roll ($13.50) featuring sweet crabstick, cheese, your choice of fish, and avocado all deep fried and covered with special sauce. The sushi chef at Golden Tofu also creates a variety of daily house-special rolls that you need to be on premises to order.

Desserts: Golden Tofu offers a modest dessert menu, with options such as ice cream, lychee and special nut dishes.

Signature Dish: From the hot menu, check out the Bird Nest ($14.50), with succulent jumbo shrimp, scallop crab meat and diced chicken served with sautéed vegetables and a light brown sauce in a crunchy potato “nest”. Off the sushi menu, order up a hometown Farmingville Roll ($13.50) with salmon, tuna, yellowtail, avocado and cream cheese in green scallion wrapped with iso white seaweed.

Service: The staff at Golden Tofu is exceptionally friendly and always eager to please. You will be seated as quickly as possible and cared for extensively. The waiters and waitresses are apt to take your order, or sit at the sushi bar and chat up the chef as he prepares your delicious sushi entrée.

Address: 1260 Waverly Avenue, Farmingville

Phone: 631-698-6550


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