Holbrook Corporation Releases 2012 Fundraising Figures

Vitamin World raised more than half a million dollars through its charity arm "Vitamin Angels."

Holbrook-based Vitamin World recently announced that it raised more than $530,000 during the 2012 holiday season during its charity "Be an Angel. Make a Difference" campaign.

On behalf of Vitamin World's charity arm Vitamin Angels, the corporation held donation drives throughout the country to purchase nutritional supplements to be shipped to developing nations.

According to a release issued by Vitamin World yesterday, an estimated 190 million children worldwide suffer from vitamin A deficiency and roughly 350,000 children go blind from it. Vitamin Angels was created to reverse these numbers by providing vitamin A supplements both domestically and abroad. 

"Vitamin World is privileged to help address the urgent need to help combat childhood vitamin deficiency," Vicki McGuire, SVP of Vitamin World said in a statement. "Through our participation in Vitamin Angels, we want to ensure that children around the world have the ability to reach their full potential with a healthy start in life."

The "Be an Angel. Make a Difference" campaign launched back in October 2012, as Patch reported in its business beat.


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