Business Beat: Anthony Baranta of CrossFit Athletic Academy

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(L-R) Rosanna Terranova and Anthony Baranta of CrossFit Athletic Academy in Holtsville.
(L-R) Rosanna Terranova and Anthony Baranta of CrossFit Athletic Academy in Holtsville.
CrossFit Athletic Academy located at 1600 North Ocean Ave. in Holtsville, which is very close to Holtsville's border with Medford, has been operation since 2011. Anthony Baranta, owner of the facility, recently spoke with Patch about what it's like to operate his business.

Describe what your business is?

Baranta: My business is in creating community. It's in bringing people from different aspects of life together and creating new friendships. It's in changing lives through constantly varied, functional movements, done at a high intensity. My business is CrossFit.

Patch: Where are you from and what is your personal/professional background?

Baranta: I currently live in Smithtown. I discovered CrossFit in 2009 and immediately became addicted to it. I was able to transition from a martial arts instructor of 12 years into a CrossFitcoach very easily. I have competed in multiple competitions such as the Beast of the East, The Garage Games and have taken part in each CrossFit Open since 2010. I worked at my local box for a few years and sharpened my CrossFit skills. I became Level 1 Certified in 2010 and Olympic Lifting Certified in 2011.  In late 2011 I decided to open a CrossFit Affiliate of my own. Now after two years of being open and a multitude of clientele ranging from ages 3 to 75, I have been able to help enhance peoples lives through CrossFit.

Patch: Why did you decide to open your business in the Sachem community/Holtsville?

Baranta: I find that the Sachem community has is a great variety of people. I wanted to be in a town where I could offer CrossFit to many people from all different areas of Long Island.  

Patch: What do you hope to accomplish with your business?

Baranta: I am hoping to reach as many people who are as serious at improving their own lives as I am. I want to train dedicated and focused people, and I want to prove to the unsure client that CrossFit can guarantee results...you just have to try.

Patch: What area of your industry do you specialize in?

Baranta: I specialize in Metabolic Conditioning as well as Olympic Weightlifting, Power Lifting, Gymnastics and even Martial Arts.

Patch: Who is your typical customer/client?

Baranta: The typical customer is a person who knows what they want to achieve and also understand that it is going to take commitment to get there. In terms of age and gender, it is a mix of male and female, with children from 3-years-old (coached in our new CrossFit Kids program) ranging to 75 (coached in our daily CrossFit Coached Classes).

Patch: Describe some of the history of your business, such as when it opened, where it operates, etc.?

Baranta: My business opened in 2011 and is located on North Ocean Avenue just south of Long Island Sve and just North of the Summerfield living community.

Patch: What is your favorite and least favorite aspect of running your business?

Baranta: My favorite aspect of running my business is being my own boss, as well as seeing my athletes reach their goals and set the bar even higher for themselves. My least favorite thing when people come in and not realize I was even on North Ocean Ave!

Patch: What specific challenges do you face with running your business and making it work in today's economy?

Baranta: A challenge I face today is making people understand that they are worth it! It is ok to spend $150 per month on your health, fitness and mental well-being.  Also, showing people that they are physically stronger than they actually think they are is another wall I try and break down. We are constantly bombarded with information that leads us in every direction except for the right one. Women can be strong, skinny isn't sexy and men can yell in the gym!

Patch: How can people reach you?

Baranta: People can reach me at the gym's line at 631-334-7893 or by email at erosram21@gmail.com. Also on Facebook.com/crossfitathleticacademy or on twitter @CrossfitAcademy .

In Business Beat, Patch talks to and features new and established local businesses. Want to be featured? Email michael@patch.com.


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