Mirando In The Final Four

'Master Chef' makes another cut, Holtsville native still going strong.

Holtsville stockbroker Frank Mirando passed another elimination challenge with flying colors this week as he head into the final four competitors on Fox's "Master Chef."

This week the judges pulled a switcharoo on the mystery boxes, first allowing each contestant to choose their own ingredients for their signature dish, and then making them all switch ingredients to cook one another's choices.

Mirando's sausage sandwich idea went to Joshua Marks, while Mirando was stuck making a dessert out of Monti Carlo's ingredients. Using Mirando's ingredients, Marks won the mystery box challenge and was given a huge advantage in the elimination challenge.

Given the option of three signature dishes the contestants had to recreate from judge Graham Elliot's restaurant in Chicago, Marks chose the White Tuna Sashimi, once ordered and eaten by President Barack Obama. The challenge was to make an exact replica of the dish, and Marks was allowed to have ever ingredient it took to make the entree, while the others had to guess at the ingredients.

Oddly enough, Marks fell down on the challenge, serving up a Sashimi that he ruined by adding Mango and butchering the tuna slices. Mirando, on the other hand, nailed the dish and was complimented by all three chefs.

In the end, the winner was Christine Ha, who managed to not only replicate the flavors of Elliot's Sashimi, but also the visual presentation: no small feat considering Ha is blind.

Mirando's dish landed him second in the group, and the other three were served up for elimination. Ultimately Monti Carlo was sent packing.

Now with only four contestants remaining, next week they'll have to complete a dish for some of the most renowned chefs in the world. Master Chef airs on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. EST on FOX.


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