Frank Mirando Eliminated From Master Chef

Holtsville native ends run at the final four.

He gave it his level best, and at certain points seemed to be in solid position to win the entire competition, but alas, last night Frank Mirando turned in his apron and we sent home to his native Holtsville.

The stockbroker went head to head with Joshua Marks in a pressure test and lost a tiebreaker that boiled down to a chocolate souffle.

Earlier in the episode, Mirando and Marks were teammates, battling against Christine Ha and Becky Reams over who could serve the best three-course meal to the top three chefs in the world, as well as the three regular judges.

Mirando and Marks had the best main course, a perfectly cooked lamb, but ultimately their dessert cost them the challenge and the ladies secured two spots in the final three. The loss for the boys meant they had to against one another to cook, not one, not two, but three different souffles. First, Gordon Ramsey wanted a cheese souffle. Graham Eliot wanted a chocolate souffle, while Joe Bastianich wanted raspberry.

In 60 minutes, both Mirando and Marks had to cook three perfectly executed dishes. Mirando's cheese souffle bested Marks', but Marks cooked a better raspberry. The final decision fell on Graham Eliot who said both chocolate souffles were on equal par, but eventually he gave the edge to Marks. Mirando left the kitchen, but vowed that we would see him again in the near future, perhaps at his own restaurant.

Three contestants remain for the final spot: Joshua Marks, Christine Ha and Becky Reams. Master Chef airs on Fox on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. EST.


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