What Sachem Area Residents Want In 2014

Patch asked readers what they want to see come in 2014, here's what they had to say and add your thoughts too.

Grundy Avenue Elementary School in Holbrook.
Grundy Avenue Elementary School in Holbrook.

On Thursday we asked readers on the Sachem Patch Facebook Page, “What do you want to see happen in the Sachem area in 2014?.”

Here are their several of their wishes, and add yours to the comments below this post:

  • Geneveve Naples The police to catch the person doing the robberies.

  • Susan Josephson Grekin I would like to see gasoline prices go down, in accordance with the rest of the country.

  • Jennifer McCauley I'd like to see a "fruit store" like we had in the city, where produce was much cheaper than what's selling in the big grocery stores. 1.99 lb for apples is nuts.

  • Slobalt Jonny Lower taxes

  • Michele Favaro Lower crime, better handle on the vast drug issues that our school age/20-somethings are dealing with by closing down the low level dealers and paying better attention to WHERE people are buying drugs, have our BOE work to help parents get rid of Common Core and unfair over testing of our young students, finding community support for a new BOE budget that does not make everyone mad every single day in March, April and May..giving us back a place to be proud to live in again.

  • Michele Green Lashuk Get rid of common core!

  • Rosanne Fernandez I would like the empty stores on Portion Road to be filled again so it doesn't look so run down

  • Anthony Richard A sachem fencing team!

  • Lina Torres Rubiera Grundy, Seneca and North renovated and Looking good just Like Sequoya and East!

  • Paulette Lane Do not close any schools in sachem school district.

  • Tim Keenan I like the idea of fruit stalls. That would be a great addition to the area. Also a place for youths to hang out at, to stay out of trouble.

  • Patrick Edward Aebly Get laptops for all the students. They may be expensive but sell the computers in the schools. They're out dated and slow


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