Sachem Plowing Report Card: ‘Ronkonkoma Avenue Is A Mess’

Sachem Patch readers take to Facebook for an update on the road conditions.

As residents dig out from Hercules they also took a moment to answer our Facebook question on the state of the roads this afternoon, as Brookhaven trucks and private contractors make their rounds to clear the streets. According to some residents areas in Nesconset, Holtsville and Farmingville were still waiting for the plows, while much of Ronkonkoma and Holbrook reported better conditions. Here’s a look at some of the roads left unplowed as of early this afternoon.

Peter Contomanolis Ronkonkoma ave is a mess…

Judithanne Farrell Boyle Wendy drive and side roads in our neighborhood of Farmingville are clear

Jennifer Weitz Pitello Hiram ave in Holbrook and looks like surrounding streets are all plowed...still a sheet of ice but the plows can't control the temperature!!!

Patty Blount A plow just did Iris Avenue in Farmingville! Last year, we were forgotten; it took 4 days before a plow rescued us.

Jackie Sunday-Hendrickson County road 83 Much Better than last year!!! Watched people stranded all night. Couldn't get to anyone to help. Ambulance couldn't get up our hill for emergency happening ! Much much better Brookhaven.

Wendy Ahmad Abner and Boxwood not plowed in Holtsville.

Judy Palmer Still no plows in Nesconset.

Katie Bourne Silk No plows in farmingville!

Susan Josephson Grekin Still no plows in Holtsville

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Joe Legakis January 03, 2014 at 05:04 PM
The town kept our street in Farmingville pretty good.. no real complaints, much better than last year but this storm was no comparison to last years.
lara buscatelli January 04, 2014 at 03:32 AM
Judy, Nesconset is a hamlet in Smithtown.


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