Cold Weather Leaves Potholes in Sachem Area

Add the potholes near you to our list.

Morris Avenue and Cougar Drive in Farmingville. Photo courtesy Margaret Gilardi
Morris Avenue and Cougar Drive in Farmingville. Photo courtesy Margaret Gilardi
The shifts in cold weather over the past few weeks have led to the formation of potholes in several streets throughout the Sachem area communities.

Frank Petrignani, communications director of Brookhaven Town's highway department, told Patch that the department currently has deployed crews throughout the area to repair them.

"Thanks to above average temperatures, asphalt plants are open to supply hot mix material for these repairs," Petrignani said in an email. "The Department will continue its use of hot mix asphalt until the plants once again close. In the absence of hot mix, cold patch material will be used to continue addressing pothole repair."

Brookhaven residents, such as those in Farmingville, Holtsville and parts of Ronkonkoma, can report potholes to the highway department at 631-451-9200.

Islip Town, which includes areas of Ronkonkoma and Holbrook, is reporting that the pothole situation is better than last year, with less potholes than in the past. Residents that have potholes can report them to 631-224-5610.

Patch asked residents on the Sachem Patch Facebook Page where are the potholes they have seen, and here are several that they have listed:

  • Beth Santagata Vets Hwy eastbound from Lakeland to Broadway Ave. they've patched, but those patches are breaking up

  • Karen Hughes Hearty Granny Road in Farmingville...its horrible! You think the town would repave this road instead of patching it every year considering an elementary and HS is located on this road which makes for a heavy bus route!

  • Jenn WZ Hawkins ave bridge over the LIE, a complete mess.

  • Linda Marsh Giordano If they are getting to the highway dept I'll let you know. Corner of Granny rd and mount McKinley ave. farmlngville . 1 big giant pothole

  • Christienne Raimondi O'Rourke Hawkins AVENUE.!! Hideous!!!!

  • Beth Kelskey-Lo Meli Leed blvd aka horseblock !! Horrible!!!

  • Jill McKiernan All of willow, cross street blue point rd, farmingville

  • Melissa CV Middle of intersection of 10th avenue and ridgewood Avenue in Holtsville, huge pothole, big enough and deep enough to fit an entire tire…

Where are the potholes in the Sachem area that you have been seeing? Add them in the comments below, and we'll forward what we can to the appropriate department.

Monica Rose Gleberman contributed to this report.

Marlene R January 14, 2014 at 10:18 AM
Last week in Sachem Patch "Speak Out -" Popular Stories TEN - year request: Resurface Granny Road! This little 2-lane country road is home to Sachem East High School and Tecumseh Elementary. 200 buses enter and leave 2X a day from JUST the high school alone! I have requested that this be done thru 3 administrations! I'd love to know just how much it's cost us taxpayers to patch these craters, for more than 10 years. I KNOW for a fact that an OUTSIDE contractor was brought in, in the spring of 2012 to do a big patch job. By the winter it was just holes again. Every Highway Superintendent has placed it on its "high priority" list. Cars are still swerving to avoid the craters! PATCHING DOESN'T HELP AND COSTS US MONEY!!! We live opposite Tecumseh and have to use this road to enter and leave our area. It's damaging our cars' paint and ruining our tires. Can anyone HELP??? P.S. "Patched" again yesterday, but only the little holes, leaving te craters for us to enjoy! Nice.
brookhavenconfucius January 14, 2014 at 10:33 AM
This 'pothole maintenance' is an empty exercise, by politicians, that waste Tax Payer money. It's like the Town snow plows that transverse our highways prior to and AFTER snowstorms....it's for "show" ONLY.


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