Behind The Names

Sachem Patch is soliciting the community's help in telling the story behind some of the names engraved in stone

Most people probably just walk over them. In a hurry to get to their program, their class, return their books before they get fined. It's usually a safer way to walk, looking straight ahead rather than down. So they go unnoticed.

They're the paver stones that mark the entryway to the Sachem Public Library. Some of them are engraved with the name of an organization. Others are engraved on behalf of a family, or children that use the library. But others are engraved In Memoriam.

It made us think of that Beatles song: "In My Life," which goes: "All these places have their moments/ With lovers and friends I still can recall/ Some are dead and some are living/ In my life I've loved them all."

We wonder who those people were. The friends and family they left behind. We wonder what their life-story was. And we need your help telling those stories.

View the photo gallery for the first batch of names, and email Sachem Patch at matthew.mcgevna@patch.com with any information you can provide about the person behind the name.

The names:

  • Alfred & Gloria Bishop
  • Vincent Tripi
  • Helen Sclafani
  • Charles Benjamin
  • Raymond J. Salvitti Jr.


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